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January 21, 2021


Project: Urban Air Mobility and Mobility-as-a-Service

The Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab is searching for a Research Assistant (RA) to work on two projects that utilize agent-based simulation to design, evaluate and assess innovative emerging modes and services such as urban air mobility and mobility-as-a-service. The research team is developing a simulation-based laboratory that will support the design and evaluation of these services and aims to simulate travel-related decisions of all agents in a transportation network, including operational decisions of supply agents (transit providers, on-demand services such as Uber and Zipcar, and traffic control systems) and individual travel choices (of drivers, transit riders, on-demand service users and others). 

Interested candidates will join a dynamic team of researchers and software developers based both in Cambridge and in Singapore.


We are looking for a highly motivated and proactive MEng student who will be responsible for development of the open-source C++ simulation-based tool, including:

  • new software functionalities, such as the coding of behavioral models and algorithms in production by researchers on the modelling team;

  • scalability and performance testing for improved computing performance;

  • release management;

  • develop a massively parallel Simulator framework to simulate large networks with a large number of agents;

  • regular meetings with the research team.


  • Background in computer science/software engineering

  • Knowledge of Linux and C++ (or C)

  • Familiarity with Git is preferred but not required

  • Experience with relational databases (Postgres, mysql) is preferred but not required

  • Multi-threaded, parallel/distributing system programming experience is desired

  • Pytho/Julia/Matlab skills are preferred but not required

  • Independent and self-motivated, yet able to work as part of a multidisciplinary team

If interested, please contact Moshe Ben-Akiva ( with subject line "RAITSLAB" and a copy of your CV.

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